Alan Johnson: There is a larger truth: The policies and politics of kindness.

Formally the author of The Salvation Army’s State of the Nation reports and co-convenor of the Child Action Poverty Group, Alan Johnson is now a principle policy analyst for the Ministry for the Environment.

Abstract: Drawing on the political philosophy of Alasdair McIntyre and Martha Nussbaum, Johnson discusses the need for a new moral compass. He proposes abandoning liberal rationalism, directing public resources towards the nurturing of public love, and consciously combating fear, envy, and shame.

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Associate Professor Christine Woods : Kindness and appreciative inquiry.

Associate Professor Christine Woods works in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Management and International Business, an associate researcher with Mira Szaszy Research Centre, and teaches Maori Entrepreneurship a component of the postgraduate diploma in Maori Business.

Abstract: What works well and what gives life? Discussing appreciative inquiry as a re-framing of the negative experience in order to identify the value or need that is being denied.

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